Principal's Welcome


Welcome to STIS!


Every school is driven by a mission and a purpose. Upon entering Shenyang Transformation International School (STIS), the mission of this school is clear. The mission statement reads: “Shenyang Transformation International School exists to transform lives and train servant leaders through high-quality education in a loving environment”. More than just words on the wall, this describes what you feel and see as you enter this school. 

Looking at this statement a little closer, you could really start to understand what our school is about: 

  • Transform Lives: Education is Transformation! All that we do here at STIS is about transforming lives. Every step is a building block upon another, going through the transformation process.
  • Train Servant Leaders– One of our goals at STIS is to teach students how to lead. As we have learned, to be a great leader you need to learn how to serve. Through serving in various areas at our school and in our January Term program, each student learns how to serve others, locally and globally.
  • High Quality Academics– Providing high quality academics is important to our school, students and families. We are continually looking at higher level courses that challenge our students’ thinking. However, we do not rely on curricula or course materials to create this opportunity. The teachers at STIS are always adapting new teaching methods, implementing the best practices and seeking higher level degree courses for themselves to stay fresh and up-to-date. Further making sure that we are implementing the best practices at school, STIS is accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools & Colleges). This agency is licensed by the US Department of Education to assist schools in constant self-analysis and self-improvement. 
  • Loving Environment– We encourage our students to work hard and do their best. We create a “safe environment” at STIS through student discipline policies and have adopted a no bullying policy that has been a helpful reminder of how to treat others. Our teachers have learned that giving grace is a sometimes a better response than a severe discipline.


Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to see you in person on our school campus very soon!

~ Dennis Brown, Principal