Mission Statement

 Shenyang Transformation International School exists to transform lives and train servant leaders through high-quality education in a loving environment 

Core Values: RISE

Shenyang Transformation International School core value Responsibility

Learning to be responsible is an individual goal that each one of us strives to be as we grow from child to adulthood. Another facet of being responsible is having responsibility. Students will learn how to have responsibility to self, school, local and global community.

Impact Shenyang Transformation International School Core Value


 Impact is the ultimate goal. We believe that our purpose is to make a positive contribution to society. It is our desire to see each unique individual working with respect in unity with each other to serve our community with truth and excellence. Students will learn how to get engaged and impact our community and global opportunities to inspire others in their communities. 

Shenyang Transformation International School Servanthood core value

 The goal of leadership is servanthood. Servant leaders invest in the community using their unique gifts. We expect our students to learn how to exhibit servant leadership to better serve and contribute locally and globally. We nurture this characteristic in students as a necessary ingredient for life-long success.

Shenyang Transformation International School Excellence core value


Excellence is the committed pursuit of improvement, leading to better 

   ideas, better attitudes, better practices, and better ways to impact 

   the global community. Our students will pursue excellence in academics, safety, and leadership.