STIS Core Values

Shenyang Transformation International School Excellence

 Excellence is a frequently-used word, but it is rarely understood. Many people associate excellence with perfection, but they are not the same. Perfection is theoretical and not commonly found in the real world. Excellence, in this case, refers more to the pursuit of improvement than the accomplishment of perfection. In most situations, there is always a path to something better. Our human condition creates a barrier between us and perfection, but we can always try to improve. When we talk about excellence, we are referring to a commitment to the pursuit of better ideas, better attitudes, better practices—better ways to positively impact our community. 

Shenyang Transformation International School Truth

 Truth is truth. No matter how people may try to distort or manipulate it, truth exists with and without us. It is bigger than us. It requires no one to prove or defend it. Simply put, it is. Understanding truth is a life-long pursuit. Our human condition also creates a barrier between us and complete understanding of truth, but if we commit to it and open our hearts and minds to the possibilities, truth presents itself to us, and we move closer each day to understanding and acceptance.  

Shenyang Transformation International School Unity

 Mankind was created for unity. We are social animals. You see it throughout our history in our greatest moments. Chances are you are reading this through some medium of social connection. We are at our best when we work together and share—our ideas, our joys, our burdens, our successes, and our failures.  

Shenyang Transformation International School Uniqueness

 We are all created uniquely. Each of us has individual gifts to offer society—talents, skills, abilities. We strive to foster and encourage these unique differences and find ways to combine them in unity and service to have greater positive impact on our community.  

Shenyang Transformation International School Servanthood

 Service should be the goal of leadership. Great leaders do not take from society—they give back. They use the unique abilities that they have to invest back into the community. They find their reward in the satisfaction that comes from guiding and cooperating with unique individuals in a team environment to bring the ideas of truth and excellence to our communities. 

Shenyang Transformation International School Respect

 Because we are equally-created individuals, we have an obligation to respect each other equally. We all have unique personalities and gifts that serve different purposes at different times. Each is important and valuable in its own time and its own way. 

Shenyang Transformation International School Impact

 Impact is the ultimate goal for us. We believe that our purpose is to make a positive contribution to society. It is our desire to see each unique individual working with respect in unity with each other to serve our community with truth and excellence. That, in itself, will impact our community and inspire others to move within their own communities.