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08 Sep 2017: New Lunch Payment Solution - Alipay & WeChat

Dear Parents,  

Our kitchen staff are once again doing a great job providing delicious and nutritious food to our students and staff. We are happy that so many of our students are enthusiastically enjoying their lunch.

There are now three different ways to pay for school lunches: 

  1. You may pay for the quarter in advance using WeChat (preferred). 
  2. You may pay for the quarter in advance using Alipay (preferred). 
  3. Purchase lunch tickets from the front desk (this should only be used as a last resort) 

Please select EITHER the ¥15 (single serving) or ¥20 (double serving) lunch option for the whole quarter.   

While asking you to choose either single or double servings in advance is not completely convenient, please bear with us until our new PowerSchool Lunch is up and running by the end of the 1st Quarter. Our IT Team is working tirelessly to implement PowerSchool.   

Here are the quarterly costs for this simplified, convenient pre-payment solution;  

Period / Dates / No. Of Lunches / Single Serving / Double Serving 

First Quarter:  9/11/17-10/20/17 (25)  ¥375 or ¥500 

Second Quarter:  10/23/17-12/22//17 (40)  ¥600 or ¥800 

Third Quarter:  1/18/18-3/23/18 (44)  ¥660 or ¥880 

Fourth Quarter:  3/26/18-6/14/18 (50)  ¥750 or ¥1,000  

Once we receive your payment, we will issue your child with a permanent lunch card.  They should present this card to the cafeteria staff during lunch.  

Payment References: Please include the name(s) of your child(ren) when you make payment, so that we can assign the payment to your child.  

Absenteeism – Should your child be absent from school, we will gladly credit that day’s fee to the next quarter.  

Home Lunch – Should your child decide to bring his/her lunch on a day during the month for which you have already paid, we will gladly credit that day’s fee to the next quarter.   

Homeroom Teachers will keep track of absenteeism and home lunch so that you will not be overcharged for lunch.   

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to improve and simplify all of our operational processed.  

Sincerely,  Trent Holloway.

Administrative Director   

Quarterly Price List

NB: Please include your child's name when you make your payment.

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